Free Twitter Productivity Tools

Free Twitter tools include:

  • Schedule new updates
  • Add a new scheduled status update
  • View all of your status updates
  • Automatically follow those who follow you
  • Evaluate your new followers
  • Manage and automate direct messages.
  • Manage your social accounts
  • View graphs of your Twitter statistics

Manage Social Accounts

  • Add a new Twitter account
  • Add a new StatusNet account
  • Test your blog for compatibility (For automatic updates)
  • Manage your social accounts (Add, Edit, Delete)
  • Create your extended Twitter profile
  • View your automation status & statistics
  • View graphs of your Twitter statistics

Scheduled Updates

  • Add a new scheduled status update
  • Shorten URL
  • View all your status updates
  • View Twitter updates
  • View updates with errors
  • Download (Export) your updates
  • Manage your saved drafts
  • Delete your scheduled status updates in bulk

Click Tracking

  • Show clicks summary
  • Show short URL details
  • Show destination domain details
  • Download short URL click stats

You can monitor channels and mentions, as well as get keyword alerts via email to find new relevant people to follow. You also get free Twitter statistics.

Free Twitter statistics include:

  • Friends and Followers on all your Twitter accounts
  • Total Tweets on all your accounts (From all sources)
  • Tweets published on all your accounts
  • People Followed on all your accounts
  • People Unfollowed on all your accounts
  • Direct Messages sent on all your accounts

These Twitter tools are 100% free and can significantly enhance your social effectiveness. Click here to learn more about Free Twitter Tools.

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