Database Design

Effective database design is a powerful tool for your business.

It will enable you to organize and access to up-to-date, accurate information efficiently. A properly designed database is essential to achieving your goals online.database design

The database design process includes:

  • Determining the purpose of your database
  • Locating and organizing the information required to be stored in your database.
  • Dividing your primary information items into major entities, which will become tables.
  • Transforming entity attributes into columns. Determine what information you would like to store in each table. Each item becomes a field and is displayed as columns in the table.
  • Specifying a primary key for each table. The primary key is the column that will be used to uniquely identify each row of data.
  • Creating the table relationships. Determine how the data in one table is related to the data in another table and create new columns or tables to facilitate these relationships.
  • Optimizing your database design by analyzing performance, the output of the desired results and data integrity.
  • Normalizing your database by applying data normalization rules to ensure your tables are structured correctly.

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