What is the Real Value of Landing Pages to Your Business?

Landing pages

Does your website struggle for conversions? Have you been putting time, effort and money into online marketing and social media but aren’t getting the results you would like?

A landing page is exactly what it sounds like: a web page that Internet users ‘land’ on when they follow a link to your site from an online source. This link could be a search engine result, a link on Twitter, a link from another website or a paid ad.

Why does your business need landing pages?

Your business needs landing pages because they provide a highly focused and effective way for you to convert your traffic into valuable leads or customers.

Content creation, search engine optimization, PPC(pay per click), social marketing, email marketing, affiliates… You pay good money for your website traffic, but what happens to your potential customers after they get to your site?

No matter how much money you put into paid channels to increase traffic, what matters most for your online marketing ROI is whether or not that traffic takes action. Conversion-focused landing pages are the key to turning your traffic into leads, customers and sales. In fact, the pages where you send your paid traffic have the ability to make or break your campaign results.

A landing page helps a visitor to your website know what to do based on their interest in your business. It’s what turns a common internet user, window-shopping the web, into a valuable lead or customer.

What is the real value of a landing page?

Landing pages facilitate conversion. Let’s say you’re an online retailer with 15,000 monthly site-visits. Your customers are spending, on average, $35 each time they buy something. If you were able to increase the conversion rate of your website by 1%, you’d have a $5,250 increase in revenue each month.

Successful Internet marketers know that it’s pointless to create a campaign, offer or email newsletter, and then spoil the launch by having interested visitors land on their home page. They know that the home page is a mess of choices that will distract potential customers. Thus, the necessity of the highly-focused landing page.

You see, landing pages convert dramatically better than a home page, increasing your product sales, newsletter sign-ups, ebook downloads…

But what makes landing pages so powerful? The secret is in its ability to segment your audience into subsets of consumers… Align the right message with the right audience at the right time… using landing pages.

For all landing pages, there should be a single focused desired action. That action could be:

  • Buying a product
  • Joining your newsletter
  • Submitting an email/lead generation form
  • Subscribing to an RSS feed
  • Starting a free trial
  • Creating an account
  • Consultation for professional services

With a great landing page you can grow your email subscriber list faster…. sell more products in less time…stop wasting money on paid traffic that fails to convert.

But what is a great landing page? And how do you “segment your audience into subsets of consumers”?

As we know, the pages you send your traffic to are called ‘landing pages’, the first page a visitor sees after clicking your ads or links. Any page that you direct traffic to is considered a landing page. Regardless of whether it’s a paid search ad or an email that prompts someone to click on an offer, the page where that person lands after the click has enormous potential to influence that person into becoming a lead or customer.

Landing pages are a visitor’s first impression of your business and your offer and can make the difference between a weak online marketing campaign and a great one.

One of the most important factors in creating great landing pages is specificity. Your offer was interesting enough to get someone’s attention and earn their click, so why would you send them to a page that doesn’t continue to talk specifically about that offer?

The best landing pages are designed to match the ad and the offer that drives traffic to it. They are highly targeted, specific and contextually relevant. These landing pages address any objections, hesitations or concerns that someone might have about that specific offer.

Effective landing page systems don’t have just a dozen pages that are used for everything; they literally have hundreds of highly targeted, very specific landing pages.

Have a crystal clear goal and strategy

What is the main purpose of your landing page? Is it to get more leads or sales? Your goal is what should drive your strategy and landing page design. Clearly defining your goal before you start is critical. Having a clear objective will help you form an effective strategy, and it will help you decide what should be on your landing pages. If a page element makes it easier or more compelling for a visitor to take action, then it should be included, otherwise get rid of it.

Keep your page copy on point as a logical progression from your headline and offer, directly to your call to action. Don’t add tangential thoughts, ancillary services, or unrelated content. Every digression is a conversion killer.

Different landing pages should be created for different sources of traffic.

For example:

  • Create a landing page for each of your free ebooks, with a simple but effective one or two-box entry form (what’s called in the business ‘email-gating’ your content).

  • Create a landing page for each of your business’ product genres (the individual product or service categories you offer).

  • Create a contest landing page, directing traffic from a Twitter or Facebook post or ad.

  • Create a landing page within your existing website, that would get traffic from links on your site, that are specifically designed for this particular landing page. Make that page as focused as possible, because you already know exactly what they’re interested in.

Some quick tip for creating high converting landing pages are listed below:

  • Have all of the most important information related to your offer above the fold

  • Make your offer benefits clear

  • Match your landing pages with the offer that brought the visitor

  • Craft your landing pages to appeal to one specific customer persona

  • Use video & images in context, in order to explain your offer

  • Highlight the most important parts of your page with contrasting color

  • Design a blatantly obvious Call-to-Action (CTA) button or form

  • Provide potential leads with one single action to take

  • Use bold headings to make your content easy to skim

  • Create the shortest lead capture form possible - don’t ask for information you don’t need.

How do I get an effective landing page?

Contact us to have a high quality, proven effective landing page created for you.

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