Why are you wasting your money on web design?

Web Design is the subjective representation of your website, the graphics, colors and visual elements. All of which are, for the most part, a matter of opinion, add very little value to your site and in many cases can be detrimental to the usability and functionality of your website.

Take a hint from the leaders, Google, FaceBook, YouTube, Microsoft, eBay, Twitter, you name it.
Any website that is developed to serve many users successfully will have a very simple, clean and functional design without overwhelming graphics, Flash or other page elements that do nothing other than consume valuable server resources and annoy many of your users.

Just want a simple website to display some products or information?
There are many(probably millions) of free web designs and you don't need to be a rocket surgeon to put one together yourself. "Web designers" are overly abundant for good reason, with all of the pre-made templates and WYSIWG HTML editors available, it takes little, if any skill to put together a website design. Even with this type of website you still need to pay close attention to the content, page titles, linking structure, usabilty and more.

Why have elements on your website unless they add value or functionality?
In most cases, it is a waste of money and detracts from the true purpose of your website. In contrast, even a small investment in the functional apsects of your website will pay for themselves many times over for years to come.

Save yourself a lot of time and money.
By focusing on the objective of your website. Whether the purpose of your website is to provide information about you, your products or your company, provide an interactive service to your customers or enable you to sell your items online. That is what the primary focus of your website development should be. To this end, you could have your entire website built to perform exactly the way you would like, completely functional, optimized and doing the job it is supposed to, for probably much less than you would pay a "Web designer" for some pretty colors and a get a much more user friendly interface in the process. Or there are many free, well written, stable, open source applications, including blogs, shopping carts and more that could make a good platform from which to build a truly functional website. Adding your own custom features to these applications will further enhance and make your website unique.

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