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Logo design : Color

Logo color is important to brand recognition, but a color used in logo design should not conflict with it's functionality. Some colors are associated with certain emotions or feelings that a company would like to convey. Loud primary colors, like reds and oranges, are meant to attract attention and convey a feeling of warmth. In the United States red, white, and blue are often used in logos for companies that want to project patriotic feelings. Green is often associated with the health and hygiene sector. For other company brands, more subdued tones and lower saturation can communicate reliability, quality, relaxation, as well as other traits.

Specific colors help your customers easily recognize your brand. We recognize colors and shapes before we understand the information contained within those shapes, so your brain recognizes a Coca-Cola can before you can even read the name printed on it. Your logo should adhere to these principals.

Simplicity will help your customers remember your company and visual identity. The best brands choose one or two colors to represent their business. For example Microsoft, WalMart, Coca-Cola and Yahoo logos are comprised of two colors and a single font.

Logo Design : Fonts

You should avoid using too many fonts in your logo. In most cases, one font would be appropriate for your logo. Creating a simple mark and avoiding anything that can make reading it confusing or too complex. One font should be enough for your logo. The design of your logo mark should be as simple and recognizable as possible. You should choose fonts that are easily readable and clearly represent what your company is about.

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