Shipping and Order Tracking eCommerce Components

Shipping and order tracking eCommerce components

Shipping and Order Tracking eCommerce Components

Everyone purchasing products that require shipping would want to know and be assured that the products are on schedule and safe from harm when being transported from the manufacturer or seller. The customer will also want to know the process and route they follow as they are being shipped to their destination.

Shipping and order tracking eCommerce components are part of a complete eCommerce website, when integrated via a shipping companies API these components can provide real-time dynamic shipping cost and tracking information, and even bar coded printable shipping labels, which helps to keep customers informed about the status of their orders as well as ensure that the correct shipping charges are applied.

Thus the shipping and order tracking components will keep the customer updated on the step-by-step process and movement of their goods from the manufactures or the sellers. The procedure followed by most companies or firms that send goods to their clients via shipping couriers include:

  • Some sellers usually provide the customer with package tracking information. When an order is shipped by a manufacture or a seller of goods, they will most of the time send an email to the buyer to inform them that the order has already been dispatched. The email will include the tracking number and the name of the courier that has been used in the dispatch.
  • The email to the client will also include the approximate date that the order is likely to be received by the client so as to raise any concern if it has not been delivered by the specified date.
  • It is often possible for a customer to keep track of their order that is in transit via online means by entering their order’s tracking number into a form on the shipper’s or merchant’s website. It is important to note however, that sometimes, the date that is given by the tracking system of the courier is a best guess based on current logistical conditions. Note also that tracking information will be offered differently from one company to the next.

Some notification messages that merchants use to update you about the status of your order may include:

  • Order processing: This status notification simply means that the order of goods is still in the merchant’s system and has not yet been dispatched.
  • Packed and awaiting dispatch: This means that the order purchased has already been packed and awaits the couriers to pick it up from the manufacturer or seller.
  • Order dispatched for delivery: This status notification assures you as the buyer that your order has already left the premises of the seller and is on its way currently to you via the courier.
  • Part order dispatched: This notification alerts you as the buyer that part of your order has left the seller’s premises and that part of that order is still within their system.

The shipping and order tracking components will enable both the seller and the buyer to remain on the same page regarding the status of the goods being shipped. In case there is a need for cancelling or damage occurred during shipping, it is advisable to get into contact with the seller immediately for fast response.

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