Volusion Custom eCommerce Case Study - Resort for a Day

Volusion Custom eCommerce Case Study - Resort for a Day

Volusion Custom eCommerce Case Study - Resort for a Day

Company profile

Resort for a Day provides day-excursions for cruise ship customers to various destinations at ports they cruise to.

Business situation

  • The clients were requesting custom functionality that would give their customers the ability to choose more specific options when booking their excursion.
  • The current Volusion platform does not offer this type of functionality; Nexus Software Systems was tasked with the development of a custom application which would need to be compatible.
  • Prior to the development of the custom application, Resort for a Day; who was a Internet cruise ship excursion provider, could not offer their customers the ability to choose the many options that the company wanted to offer them when booking their trip.

Goals and Objectives

Resort for a Day, would like to be the industry leader of companies providing provide day-excursions for cruise ship customers.

Resort for a Day wants to give their customers the ability to see real-time cruise-ship availability and book their excursion, using a date-range calculator, as well as having a ‘pass’ generated right on the website; before the customer departs for their cruise. This will enable customers to gain entrance when they arrive at the destination, saving them time and the hassle of procuring the necessary documents. Therefore, the goal of pursuing the services of a custom web development company for the development of a custom application; has become necessary.

Due to the limitations of the current Volusion Platform, certain modifications to the existing shopping cart are not possible; therefore, new custom cart functionality with all of the features desired by the company; will need to be created, in order for them to be able to attain their goals and objectives.

Technical Situation

Potential customers would find it very difficult to determine if a particular vacation package was available based on their specif cruise dates, customers must contact the company by phone; and an employee has to manually check the availability of excursion dates.

The existing Volusion shopping cart was not set-up to reflect the needed changes, and as a result, custom shopping cart functionality would also need to be developed.


  • With the development and implementation of a unique, enhanced, and highly-functional application; ‘Resort for a Day’ customers are now be able to easily find and book cruise excursions on their website.
  • The applications developed for ‘Resort for a Day’, will be providing custom functionality that offers customers the ability to choose the cruise excursion they prefer; by calculating the dates using a real-time’; multi-option date-range calculator, which lists all cruises by departure date and also by port. The application also shows when a certain cruise ship is ‘at sea’.

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