How to Boost Your Sales : Ideal Client Profile

Ideal Client Profile

How to Boost Your sales with an Ideal Client Profile

Once you have defined your ideal client profile(s), you'll be able fine tune your marketing activities in a more effective and relevant way.

Content Creation & Mapping

When you know your ideal client profiles, you will be able to create content that will engage these particular prospects and clients in a favorable way-- Via blog and social media posts, newsletters, ebooks, or sales enablement tools.

You can then position your content by ideal client profile and lifecycle stage or where in the buying stage the prospect is. You'll want to create and package content differently depending on if the potential client is simply getting to know your agency, has been in contact with your business development team, or has a proposal sitting on their desk. 


If you specialize in different market segments or industries, you can personalize your content based on client profiles by customizing your landing pages and sections of your website to that group’s specific needs.

A Venture Beat report found that 70% to 94% of marketers have experienced an increase in key site performance indicators such as conversion by employing personalization.


Personalized marketing improves click-through rates by as much as 14% and conversions by 10%, and it drives 18 times more revenue than non-personalized content. With well defined client profiles, you can segment your list and create campaigns that align with their particular buying process. You can also segment these lists by prospects and current clients, so you can market either new services or additional service lines. You could also create drip email campaigns based on whether you have only had an initial meeting with the client or if the client has already been sent a proposal.

Optimized Keywords

Once you understand the language of your ideal clients and the specific words that they are using when searching, you can create highly targeted and optimized articles that will show up in the first results on search engines and found by your prospects during their search process. Not only will this bring you more traffic, but it will be targeted traffic of a much higher quality.

Sales Process

By understanding where your ideal client is in the sales process, how they make decisions, what sources they use for recommendations, how they find a vendor partner, and the average sales cycle for each type, you can craft your sales process to your prospect's persona. This will help you to better understand when sending a proposal is appropriate, what type of nurturing campaigns you should set up, what information the prospect needs to help them make the right choice and how often you should communicate with the potential client.

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