Is your website working for you?

Nowadays everyone is a "web designer". With the development of many inexpensive, even free web design software applications, it is easy for anyone to turn out a decent website design.

You can choose from literally millions of web design templates for less than $100 and modify them with your own logo, text and other visual elements.

Your entire website's design can be changed instantly, with many free and inexpensive, quality website design themes, that can be applied to your website with the click of a button.

Is that what makes a good website, some Flash, pretty colors, and pictures?

We think not. It might be interesting the first few seconds you look at it. After that, what can you do with it?

With the variety of browsers, screen resolutions, Internet connection speeds, anything but a clean, simple design, driven by business objectives, will detract from the true purpose of your website.

Of course we all want to have a professional looking website. That is easy to achieve. But what is most important, we think, is that your website is functional, provides value to your visitors, your potential customers, and users. By enabling them to get what they came for, information, the ability to purchase your products or services or to interact with your business in some way.

Web design will always be subject to opinion, no one can dispute the functional aspects of a website though. Either it works, does what is supposed to or it doesn't. However, the way your website works, the functionality, performance and efficiency can be often be improved.

This is the fundamental difference between web development and web design. Focusing your website budget on quality web development will yield you a much greater value for your dollar than wasting your money on some elaborate web design that does nothing for you other than sit there looking pretty, to some.

We have been developing websites since the beginning of the commercial Internet and developing software for about a decade before that.

When you are ready to start having your website earn it's keep, please Click here to learn how to make your website better.

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