Free Live Chat Support Software

Live chat support software for your website

Live Chat Support software connects you and your website visitors, and lets them chat with you when they need help. Watch your sales increase as you convert more and more website visitors into paying customers, just by being there when they need help!

Capture every sale. Start engaging leads on your site.

A simple livechat widget that lets you sell directly to your online customers.

Live Chat Support software is a web-based application that lets you monitor and engage your website visitors in real time. Designed with small to medium businesses in mind, it is easy to use, affordable and powerful.

Receive  live chats from your website visitors. Even when you're away from your computer or on the road, Live chat support software can route chats to your IM, which means you can chat on your smart phone if you have a mobile IM client.

Easy to use live chat support software

Easy to copy and paste code enables you to embed live chat widgets right into your website. This gives your customers a seamless and pleasant chatting experience while browsing your website.

"60 seconds is all it takes, from getting an account to seeing the live chat widget on your site. Tried and tested by non-technical users."

Easy One-time Setup
To see the chat widget on your site, simply copy and paste one line of script just before the </body> tag on your website's HTML. No further editing is required to deploy our smart chat support software.

No software downloads required
Unlike other live chat software, all you need is a browser to start chatting with customers. Simply login to the Dashboard to chat.

The Live Chat Support software web-based dashboard provides a wealth of information about your visitors in real-time. With an intuitive interface and features, you'll become an expert in customer service within minutes..

Live Chat Support software : Key Benefits

  1. Unparalleled Freedom: Users have a choice of replying via a web browser, favorite IM client (Gtalk, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM or MSN), or their mobile phone.
  2. Seamless user experience: The user interface is designed to be pleasing and intuitive for online businesses as well as their visitors. Chats are also blazing fast so chats sent are received almost instantaneously. Chat widget designs are versatile and suits every website's needs.
  3. Live Chat Support software has powerful features:
    • Get access to real-time analytics and information about your visitors.
    • Use our Intelligent Trigger System to automatically engage high-value visitors.
    • Get suggestions to frequently asked questions.
    • And many more powerful features that makes customer engagement a breeze

Live chat support software : Pricing Philosophy

We believe that an enterprise-grade live chat application can be delivered at 20% of the price with 80% of the features intact. The 80% that matters to our customers.

Live chat support software packages start at FREE. Start with a 14-day free trial to test drive the full potential of Live chat support software. No credit card required.

Live chat support software : Languages

Live chat support software has been translated to more than 20 languages by their avid users. Chances are your native language is already supported, otherwise volunteer to translate and do yourself and the community a favor.

Live chat support software: Plugins

Do you use a CMS or web publishing platform to maintain your website? Live chat support software plugins allow you to deploy and customize the chat widget. The following plugins are currently available:

  • Wordpress
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • OsCommerce

When you are ready, get your Click here to Get Free Live Chat Support software.

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