Could your website be better?

In most cases your website could be better.
The way to be sure is to look at the tangible elements of your website.

  • Is your website completely functional?
  • Does your website provide your visitors with what they came for? For example, if you have a real estate website. Does your website enable your visitors(current and potential customers) to search for and find property listings based on the criteria that they specify?
  • If your company sells products or services. Are your customers able to easily locate all of the information pertaining to a particular product or service? Are they able to easily make purchase?
  • Are your website's vistitors able to easily contact you or someone who can answer their questions?
  • Does your website provide fresh dynamic, relevant content based on your user's interests?
  • Is your website user friendly?
  • Are you able to easily update any and all of your website's content?
  • Does your website have all the features you would like it to have?

If the answer to all of the above questions is yes, then your website maybe as good as it can be, at least in terms of the functionality.
The design elements are a different concept and are a lot less tangible except where they interfere with or influence the usability of your website.
You could change the colors or graphics forever and still only please some of your website's users some of the time.
Everyone has a different opinion about what looks good to them. If your website is providing what your users want in terms of functionality, then their opinion of your choice of colors probably won't matter too much. Conversely, how many times would you visit the most beautiful(in your opinion) website, if it didn't provide you with the functionality you required?  Fortunately, the design is the easiest part of a website to implement and modify.

  Lastly but certainly not of least importance is the search engine friendliness of your website.
Organic search engine traffic and visitors from direct links from related websites is the highest quality and least expensive traffic your website will get.
These traffic sources tend to work together. As having links to your website from other related websites will enhance your website's search engine ranking and having a good search engine position will inspire other related websites to link to your's.
This creates a snowball effect that will provide your website with a lot of high quality traffic.

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