What is the web development process?

Developing websites is an interactive and detailed process, starting with firming up your web strategy, choosing the right web server platform, user interface, graphics and applying the appropriate software technology to achieve your objectives. With any website or software development there are many options in terms functionality, features and user interface design. By giving us an idea of your objectives and budget, we can help you to determine which platform, framework or software to use.

When designing and developing web and e-business applications there is substantial amount of application and database development, customization, programming and system integration involved. he selection of a method depends on the features to be developed, turn-around time, budget, scalability, and future evolution plan. Almost all development for ecommerce, B2B, B2C, Portal, Auction, or Community sites involve some kind of database design and development, whether it's a commercial database package like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL or an XML format data source. 


Internet / Intranet / web application development technologies includes:

  • Microsoft C#, ASP.NET, JSP, ColdFusion and PHP
  • Enabling existing applications to Web / Internet / Intranet
  • Web integration with existing applications & databases
  • Back-end database integration of SQL Server, MySQL, Access, Oracle, DB2, Informix, Sybase, XML, etc. to web
  • Integrating tools and other applications to web

Web Development Process:

  • Preliminary discussion of your objectives, goal analysis
  • Define your website development strategy, situation analysis, determine the application software technologies to be used
  • Cost analysis for development, operations and maintenance
  • Develop application features, design initial layout, capabilities, prototype relevant contents
  • Design iteration - complete several rounds of revisions, reviews and refinements
  • Define final design, layout and features
  • Develop / implement website (database, back-end software, content, graphics, integration with 3rd party/external software)
  • User testing, functionality testing, performance testing and acceptance testing

When you are ready, please contact us to learn more about which technologies would be most appropriate for your particular application.

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