How to choose your web developer / programmer

You would like to enhance or create a website for your business. It seem like everyone is a web developer nowadays. Where do you go to get your website developed with the design, features and functionality you would like to have?

  We think the functionality is the most important part of a website. Content management systems, property listings, blog engines and contact applications. Anything that enhances the usabilty and value of your website. 

 These dynamic applications, while enhancing your website for your vistitors and making your web site easier to maintain also provide tremendous results in terms of organic searchengine traffic.

 When you have an application that works well, saves people time and money by enabling and organizing their activities, they will want to use that application, which is your website. We think in terms of design for the Web, simpler is better. Yes, you want it to look professional and attractive, but not to the point of detracting from the use of your Website. Why risk turning some people off because the graphics are taking too long to load on their dial up connection? Clean and well functioning makes for a high performance, useful, revenue generating website.

  The user interface or overall design elements of your Website, the graphics, layout and colors are all very subjective. For this reason we think Website templates are a good place to start, there are many to choose from. Our Website template designers have been creating Website designs for more than 10 years, they have gotten very good at it. With the templates, for around $100, you know what you are getting, a high quality Web design. Having a professional Web designer make a similar quality custom website design would cost at least $1500, without any programming. Even if the template needs to be modified to achieve the results you would like, you would be starting $1400 ahead. You save a great deal of development time as well.

  Every aspect of these templates can be modified. Regrdless of the programming language used to create the dynamic aspects of your website,, PHP or Cold Fusion, a website template can be easily applied to your application's framework, which provides you with a lot of freedom in terms of the look and feel of your Website.

  Therefore, instead trying to find a Web designer, that may or may not be able to create exactly what you would like, and paying them a lot of money. Choose a web design template that you know you like and invest your savings in customizing it to be your own and the more important functional aspects and productive aspects of your website.

  When you are ready, please contact us to have your Website developed or to learn more about your options.

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