ASP.NET - Top 10 benefits

.NET Developers

ASP.NET is built on the Common Language Runtime (CLR), allowing .NET developers to write ASP.NET code using any supported .NET language.

  • High reliability
  • Enhanced security
  • ASP.NET utilizes compiled code which means applications run faster with more design time errors caught during development.
  • ASP.NET has an extensive set of built-in controls and class libraries that enables the rapid development of applications.
  • Allows the creation of user-defined controls, that can further extend inherent capabilities.
  • Enables the use of true object oriented design for programming pages and controls, that allow the extending of existing classes with inherited sub-classes.
  • Connecting to and working with data from a variety data sources is simple with ASP .NET
  • Provides the ability to cache the whole page or just parts of it to improve performance.
  • Enables the use of code behind development to separate business logic from presentation.
  • Session state in ASP.NET can be saved in a Microsoft SQL Server database or in a separate process running on the same machine as the web server or on a different machine. This enables session values to be retained when the web server is reset or the ASP.NET worker process is recycled.

As experts in Microsoft® solutions, we can help you turn your web based applications into a strategic business resource with solutions based on the Microsoft .NET platform.
The .NET platform provides a set of interoperable, business-critical technologies and development tools that spans the user experience, portal, services, business process management, business intelligence and data delivery.

Learn how we can help you by implementing custom ASP .NET solutions to optimize your existing systems and drive your organization forward with:

  • User-focused experiences that can help you amplify the impact of your employees and improve your customer's experience.
  • Deep integration, from the operating environment, Web portals, collaboration tools, business intelligence, business process management, through to the desktop.
  • Flexible, integrated systems that can help you ensure continuous alignment with business goals. through fast and easy integration across existing software and new Web-based applications.

Utilizing custom ASP .NET applications can help you increase business agility and strategic advantage.

The .NET framework is proven platform that can help you develop and connect business-critical applications while providing Internet-class scalability, security, and robust performance.

Let us help you drive your business forward.
Please, contact us to schedule your free ASP .NET application assessment today.

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