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Been looking lately on the Internet for a web designer or web development company website, to start your own website or enhance your existing website... and you feel inundated with a barrage of options?

You're not alone...

Here are some ways to navigate through the mountain of information, and obtain some basic knowledge of the terms most used.

1st you should know the difference between web design & web development.
These two terms often seem to be confused or are sometimes thought to mean the same thing.

Web Design

Web Design refers to the many elements of a website that have to do with the look, style and feel of a website. These elements include the colors, fonts (or text styles), layout, images & flash.

Web designers create the different visual elements and characteristics that make up a particular web design and organize everything into web pages which may use a style sheet called a CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), that contains the underlying formatting code that controls the attributes of and how these elements look.

Web Development

Web development deals with the creation & implementation of the applications, which make up of the different elements that define the functional, interactive as well as the dynamic information contained in a particular website. This information is converted & transformed into the usable languages that internet search engines, such as Google & Yahoo; can 'read' & recognize, in order to make it available to be viewed on your computer.

Web Developers use 'SEO',(Search Engine Optimization); tools, to help search engines determine where to place websites in the search results for a certain subject. This is achieved by a web developer knowing how the search engines will find a site by it's title, keywords, & amount of 'content',(i.e. the articles & information that are contained on web pages); and how to have it rank highly by the correct use of these factors. How easy the content is to read by the search engines, is also important for elevating a website to an optimized position.

Web developers use web development languages like, HTML, XML, ASP, ASPX, ASP.net, PHP, PERL, Javascript, Ruby, & C+, and work with the different aspects of your website's functionality.

A major difference between web designer and a web developer is ...
A web designer can work with templates and style sheets, making changes to color, fonts, headings, & logos, whereas a web developer can do those things; as well as writing Internet software applications for the parts of your website that need to be dynamic and respond to user input or some other event.

Custom web development.

Web Developers also can modify website functionality to create truly unique and customized functions and features. Some of these include: custom CMS (Content Management Systems); which help clients to manage the 'content', (i.e. text, images, & graphics), of their website, by separating the design, interactivity, and text components. Other examples of customizable functions include: shopping carts for ecommerce websites, online stores & e-business websites and a user friendly interface to a database, which contains large inventories of products or other data, organized and able to be easily retrieved and updated.

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