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XML is used extensively in web development and for the purpose of sharing data between applications.

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XML enables the separation of Data from HTML

When you would like to display dynamic content on your website, it would take a lot of work to edit each of your web pages every time the data changes. By using XML as your data source, data can be stored in a separate XML file. This way you can concentrate on the presentation of your web pages, the visual aspects, layout and display, and be sure that changes in the underlying data will not require any changes to your HTML.
Using PHP, ASP.NET or a few lines of JavaScript, you can easily read an external XML file and update the data content of your web pages.

XML Simplifies Data Sharing

Computer systems, software and databases contain data in incompatible formats.
XML data is stored in plain text format, which provides an effective, efficient software and hardware independent method of storing data. This makes it much easier to share data by many different applications.

XML Simplifies Data Transport

One of the most difficult challenges for developers is to exchange data between incompatible systems over the Internet. Exchanging data as XML greatly reduces this complexity, because XML data can be read correctly by many different incompatible applications.

XML Simplifies Upgrades

When upgrading to new hardware or software platforms, large amounts of data must be converted and incompatible data is often lost. XML data is stored in text format. This makes it easier to upgrade your website, Internet software, databases, desktop applications and new operating systems without losing data.

XML Makes Your Data More Available

By using XML many different applications can access your data, not only in HTML pages, but also from XML data sources.
With XML, your data can be available to wide variety of platforms and applications including mobile devices, RSS news feeds, webservices and more.

XML data is the future for applications

Many applications already exchange their data in XML format. Any application developers that would like their software to be compatible with other applications without needing data conversion utilities in between will enable their software to share XML data.

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