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Software Development Services

Custom Developed Software

Custom Developed Software Service

Custom developed software enables you to achieve your business objectives. When off the shelf software is inadequate or does not exist.

Legacy Software Modernization

Legacy Software Modernization Service

Application modernization is the redesign of legacy software to align it with current business needs. Learn how legacy software modernization can help your business grow.

Web Application Development

Web Application Development Service

Web application development is the process of developing web applications. The processes involved are extensions of standard software development.


What our software development clients say

software development clients
software development client, Brian Patterson

Nexus Software Systems was a perfect choice for our custom Volusion website. We needed an online catalog for our extensive rental equipment, which wasn’t available from other Volusion vendors. Nexus Software created our online presence and provided us with direction on basic edits for additions and maintenance. They have also been a solid support resource for changes and problem solving, which we continue to utilize to this day.

Brian Patterson

Marketing Manager, AMP-Cherokee

software development client, Cathy Meyer

Nexus Software Systems is THE most competent & accessible/responsive developers I've come across in a decade. They come up with solutions that will SAVE your company so much in output costs that simply consulting with them is value all on its own. They work diligently to make sure you stay operational & have VAST knowledge of all the newest tech. PLUS they help maintain legacy code where needed. Hire Them!

Cathy Meyer

Director of Support & Services at HotComm

software development client, Kathryn Townsend

I spoke with many software development companies prior to choosing Nexus. Everything that I was promised was delivered completely and within a short period of time. Our new website is not only exactly what we wanted, it will last us for years. The developers at Nexus Software Systems are extremely helpful, very knowledgeable and patient!

Kathryn Townsend

President Greater Portland Board of Realtors, REALTOR of the Year.

software development client, Marty Karasick

Nexus has been servicing our site for more than 7 years. During that time, we have been completely satisfied with the attention they provide to small accounts as well as their fees and timeliness. We would recommend them to anyone.

Marty Karasick

Cast In Stone

software development client, Sarah Walters

We have enjoyed working with you over the course of the past five years, you have been an integral part of our growth.

Sarah Walters

Manager, World Travel Holdings

software development client, Melissa Lee

You provided us with an amazing solution. Our ecommerce system performs better than we could have imagined. The technical capabilities of the developers at Nexus Software is absolutely astounding. We are very happy with your work.

Melissa Lee


Nexus Software Systems

A software development company you can rely on

Since 1985, Nexus software development company has been the technical "brains" behind many successful businesses. With more than 10,000 successful software development projects delivered, we know what works and how to make it work for you. Your business growth is our top priority. We'll help you to achieve your business objectives by listening and offering cost effective solutions. Are you ready to enhance your business with custom software development? We think we would be able to make you very happy.

Successful Projects Delivered

Successful Projects Delivered

Happy Clients

Happy Clients

Years of Experience

Years of Experience

Custom software development is the smart choice for your business

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Software Development

Custom software development produces the most efficient system. It can provide support for the specific needs of your business. Support not be available in off-the-shelf software. Custom software provides better performance, security and customer service.

Custom developed software is the design of software for a specific business. Such software is designed to address your particular needs as opposed to off-the-shelf software.
Customized software helps your business achieve unique requirements. For less than the cost of purchasing, maintaining and modifying commercial off-the-shelf software.
Most modern development processes are agile. One software development method is not suitable for use by all projects. Each of the available software development methods are best suited to specific kinds of projects. Based on various technical, organizational, project and team consideration.
The demand for business software solutions is not new. Automation applied to efficient operations will magnify the efficiency. Custom software development can integrate most major aspects of your business processes. And play an integral part in your business operation and success. It will result in increased productivity and revenue. We'll help you develop custom software that will provide a great return on your investment. Cost-effective custom software saves time and reduces risk.
Having a custom software developed for your business is an essential asset. Custom software is efficient and helps to manage your processes. There are six factors that influence the cost of custom software development. These are features, complexity, the technology used, performance, scalability and time frame.
Since 1985, Nexus Software Systems has been the technical "brains" behind many successful businesses. Whether you would like to enhance your business with custom software development or web application development. We think we would be able to make you very happy.
Custom Software development

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