Visa Software Developers

Nexus Software Systems joined the Visa Developer Community in August 2017. Since joining, we’ve been part of dozens of topics and forum conversations – mainly providing support to other developers. Our posts include development tips, code snippets, troubleshooting help, use-case advice, and more. As a software development company of engineers, designers and developers whose mission is to help other companies succeed, it is rewarding to help other developers achieve success with their Visa projects.

What is Visa Software Development?

Visa software development is based on Visa’s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which enables banks and merchants to add value and better serve their customers.

Visa APIs are used by:

  • Merchants
  • Acquirer Banks
  • Issuer Banks
  • Independent Developers

Visa is making an increasing portion of their capabilities available as application program interfaces (APIs). From funds transfer to transaction controls to travel solutions. A Visa developer can help you start building easier, faster, and more secure ways to power commerce. These APIs can help you transform your business and exceed customer expectations.

Visa API Use Cases Include:

Enhanced Merchant Information

Helps cardholders understand their purchases and reduce chargebacks and cardholder inquiries.

Set Notice Online or Phone, Travel and Transact

Cardholder sets a travel notice through mobile banking app, online banking or by phone by calling issuer’s call center, travels to reported destination, and confidently makes a purchase transaction.

Turn Card On or Off

At the touch of a button, cardholders can temporarily disable or enable the use of their card.

Manage Overseas Spend

Visa Transaction Controls allows cardholders the option to block international transactions when they are not traveling and / or allow purchases in select countries.

Easy Benefit Eligibility Validation

Enable quick and easy validation of benefit eligibility based on the Visa card number to help provide a better cardholder experience.

Transaction Recognition: Dispute or Legitimate Purchase?

Provide purchase details to cardholders to confirm purchases are legitimate and/or if fraud has occurred.

Enable Simple Digital Credential Loading

Visa enables issuers to gain push provisioning capabilities with a host of merchants and wallets, without the need to contract and integrate with each Token Requester.

Provide Relevant Offers

Provide an extensive list of relevant offers for your cardholders to help drive card usage and loyalty.

Request a Virtual Account and Set Controls

Third party FinTechs can request virtual accounts on behalf of a commercial issuer and specify account controls for digital presentment.

Check Predictions and Reduce Wait

Give customers a one-glance overview of wait times for participating nearby restaurants via mobile applications, digital displays, websites, and more.

Keep Your Card Top-of-Wallet

Issuer enables the Visa card to be securely and conveniently used in digital wallets in order to keep the card top-of-wallet and remove the need to re-issue a card when a device with a digital wallet is lost.

Enable Generation of Dynamic CVV2 Codes

Enable generation of dynamic CVV2 codes on request via an issuer’s mobile banking application.

Small Business Travel Experience

Visa’s APIs can enable issuers to help their Small Business clients travel securely and confidently.

Identify Merchants Receiving Automatic Card Updates

Cardholder activates a replacement card and uses a mobile banking app to find out which merchants received automatic card updates over time.

Identify Card on File Merchants Requesting Card Updates

Cardholder opted out of automatic card updates and uses mobile banking app to determine which merchants they want to update with their new card info.

Credential-on-file Experience

Visibility into credential-on-file updates provided to participating merchants and control over recurring payments.

Enhanced Accounts Payable Experience

Search for matching suppliers who accept virtual Visa cards and enable a faster supplier payment process.

Enhanced Funds Transfer Experience

Provide eligible participants with the ability to instantly transfer funds, improve cash flow and create greater convenience for your customers.

Enhanced Travel Experience

Provide a more seamless payment experience and easy access to information regardless of cardholder location.

Whether you would like to build a new Visa integrated application, add functionality, or improve existing software. We can help you automate your business processes. Convert all your data into a common format. And make sure you’re getting what you need from your technology.

When you are ready, contact us to learn more about custom Visa software development …