Blog & Content Management System

A full featured Blogging / Content Management System that enables anyone to easily create dynamic content and web pages without knowing any HTML.

The content that you create is automatically search engine optimized with dynamic page URLs, titles, and description meta tags. Your blog's RSS feed is automatically created from your posts.

The ability to create users with different moderation privileges is built into the system.

There are over a hundred free themes that can be instantly added to this application, many of which can be previewed here: I don’t know if any of these will fit into your website's concept specifically, but these themes are easy to modify and create. Customization of the application is easy as well. As are custom modules, widgets and extensions.


It’s all free, the web hosting, the Blog / CMS application, the themes and the widgets.


This website is based on BlogEngine.NET. We have used WordPress, Joomla, and a plethora of other blogs / content management systems, but this application is well written, fun and easy to use and not just from a developers perspective. You don't even need to know any HTML.


The only requirement is a Windows server. Full featured ones start at about $5 bucks a month or we can host it for you here for free with a banner ad at the top.


What is the catch? Why are we doing this? What do we get out of it?

  • We think this is a good product, that you will be very happy using it and that it will enhance your website in many ways.
  • We love developing custom software applications utilizing the .NET Framework.
  • Someday, perhaps, when you are ready, you will contact us for your custom web or desktop application development.

Contact us here to have this powerful application installed or give us a call at 1-888-211-7806.</p>

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