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When you buy something, you should own it. At least, that’s what we think. We have seen many companies that are locked into absurd monthly fees to pay for the routine maintenance of their website. Paying each month for simple changes to text, images or links.
Changing your website's content used to involve having a web designer or developer modify the HTML source code for your website's changes to occur. This is no longer an issue. Now, a standard feature on many websites is the content management system(CMS). A CMS is a web based application that provides an easy way for anyone to instantly make changes to, as well as add or modify the content on your website. Accessible from any web connection, a CMS lets you securely administer your website, for complete site control with no monthly maintenance fees.

A Content Management System is low-priced and can be installed within one day.

 Content Management Systems Benefits:

  • Provides an easy-to-use, secure administrative interface, that enables you to easily add and modify your website's content without needing to know HTML
  • Enables the instant changing of the look and feel of your entire website's design with many free themes
  • Automatically creates RSS feeds from the content the you post
  • Enables the addition and moderation of comments
  • Dynamically creates search engine friendly content
  • Is open source, which means any and all the your website's design and functionality can be modified according to your preference
  • Includes the ability to easily add a number of free plugins, including Polls, Twitter feed, and Flickr photo stream

Some example Content Management Systems include:

  • Blog Engine (ASP.NET CMS)
  • WordPress (PHP CMS)
  • Joomla (PHP CMS)
  • Dropal (PHP CMS)
  • Xoops (PHP CMS)

Please contact us to learn more about a content management system for you website.

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