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WordPress Websites

Although there are many viable choices available for open source Content Management Systems (CMS), WordPress which was originally released in May of 2003, is a PHP and MySQL powered application that has an extensive and varied template and plugin library; primarily used for developing & publishing blogs. A broad plugin gallery offers a myriad of options including a directory of easily implemented widgets that can be managed by even novice or 1st time users.
This versatility extends WordPress' flexibility and gives regular users many available & usable options, as well as raising the level of functionality that programmers can modify beyond the basic WordPress features.

WordPress Themes

WordPress utilizes a template processor system to facilitate the easy changing of WordPress website design templates.
WordPress users can easily install numerous Wordpress themes that provide a wide range of features that can be edited & customized with relative ease by making basic changes, including images and colors as well as re-arranging site components called widgets. WordPress users are also able to experiment with the different WordPress themes & switch back & forth between them, without having to edit any PHP or HTML source code, although advanced users or WordPress website designers are able to create more advanced customizations as the source code is open. 

Some other key features of WordPress are that users have the ability to implement a variety of search-engine friendly permalink structures, including the option of creating their own custom type of structure. Automatic filters provide formatting that conforms to a standardized system & a large library of text styles for personalizing WordPress articles and posts. Support for tagging posts and articles with keywords are also featured. 

The newest portable devices such as Android, iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry, will find that WordPress offers applications that provide access for using the Administrative Panel or for working with their WordPress blogs & articles.

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