Custom Real Estate Management Software

Custom Real Estate Management Software


The Challenge
Our customer, Property Direct Inc. wanted a custom real estate management software application that they would be able to use for their own business as well as to resell to other property management companies. They had an Access database that contained many of the tables that they use in their business, which they wanted to base the functionality of their new real estate management software on. They wanted to modify some of these tables and add new ones to enable more features.

The Solution
After analyzing Property Direct Inc.'s Access database along with their specifications for their new real estate management software. We suggested some ways in which they would be able to improve the performance of their application and insure data integrity by restructuring their tables and normalizing their database. Being in the real estate business, Jesse at Property Direct Inc. had a clear understanding of the features, functionality and design that they wanted for their property management software. He was also very good at being able to convey these ideas to us with precise descriptions of the functions and screen shots of their desired user interface. This enabled us to create an even better software application than they had envisioned. As we were able to suggest new features and ways in which their software could be improved during the development process.

The Benefits
Property Direct Inc.'s own property management business has been greatly enhanced by the use of their custom designed software and they have made back their initial investment many times over and continue to make money everyday from sale of their custom designed real estate management software.

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