Custom Property Management Software

Custom Property management Software"Nexus Software Systems provided us with exactly with what we needed for much less than we could find anywhere."

Emily Rosen
First Choice Realty

The Challenge
Our customer needed a custom designed property management software application that would be able to help them manage their properties. They also wanted to utilize and modify their current Access database, which they had been using for years without many features or functions that they needed.

The Solution
First Choice Realty chose Nexus Software Systems to develop their custom property management software because we were able to design their software to help them to stay organized, save time and work with them in a way that enhances their business by keeping track of their properties, tenants and financial transactions and automates many of the tasks that were done manually. We upgraded their old Access database to an SQL Server database which provides them with increased performance, with all of the functions and features that enable them to better manage their business.

The Benefits
First Choice Realty is now able to quickly determine the status of any of their properties or tenants and has been able to increase their number of properties by 257% because of the enhanced efficiency of their custom designed software system.

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