Data Management

Data Management

Data Management

Data management involves the converting, processing, transfer and verification of data files.
As well as inputting and manipulating data in a database management system.


Data Management applications include:

  • Product sales and inventory management
  • Customer Data management
  • Employee Data management
  • Document management
  • Knowledge management


With a proper database design, your productivity can be greatly enhanced.
A database designer from Nexus Software System will be able to design a database that enables you to access your data efficiently and enhance your productivity. Our database designers will provide an effective database design based on your particular requirements, including calculating storage and memory requirements for your database, optimizing the structure of your data, identifing potential problems and changing the structure of your database in order to provide trouble free access to your data.

Some advantages of effective data management

  • The ability to highlight your business strengths and weaknesses based on customer data, revenue reports, marketing performance, etc.
  • The ability to organize and analyze product data.
  • The availability of the customer data and feedback can help you to align your business processes according to the needs of your customers. The effective management of customer data can help your company to perform direct marketing and promotional activities.

Database Administration

Database administration is an ongoing concern of data management. Our database administrators are able to handle all the technical and data management duties required for converting, processing, transferring, verifying, and inputting or importing of your data. A database administrator (DBA) is a person responsible for the design, implementation, maintenance and repair of an organization's database, as well as monitoring and improving database performance and capacity, and planning for future expansion requirements.

A Database administrator's activities include:

  • Transferring Data
  • Replicating Data
  • Maintaining database and ensuring its availability to users
  • Controlling privileges and permissions to database users
  • Monitoring database performance
  • Database backup and recovery
  • Database security


Please contact us to learn more about an effective, efficient data management system for your business.

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