Web Application Security - The Solution

Web application security

Web Application Security - The Solution

Once you understand the basics of Web application security and how your business can be vulnerable and you've submitted your site for a free Web application security analysis; the next step is to arm your site with the most-up-to-date Internet Security Protection against being vulnerable to hacking.

Nexus Web Security is a global leader in the technology of Web Application Security

Nexus Software Systems has pioneered Web application security scanning technology:
Our engineers have focused on Web security as early as 1995 and have developed an engineering lead in web site security analysis and vulnerability detection.

A Free Nexus Website Security / Web Application Security Analysis Can Expose Your Website's Vulnerability To Internet Threats

After getting the results of your Web application security testing, you can have our web application security experts fix any issues with your website or fix the issues yourself. There many features that are included in Nexus Web Security analysis, which are designed to fix existing issues; as well as, the opportunity to have regular Internet Security vulnerability scanning that will continually detect any new security threats.

Nexus Web Security Systems / Internet Security Vulnerability Scanning

Using Nexus Web Security Analysis Technology against exploitation & theft of sensitive data such as customer lists or credit card information, as well as web-based applications including; login pages, dynamic content, & shopping cart applications. Hackers are also being given easy access to backend databases, due to insecure applications; which are vulnerable despite attempts to block this activity with installing Firewalls, locked-down servers or SSL. An attack that is launched on an 80/443 port, has no problem penetrating the firewall, then can easily get past the network-level security & operating system security program, and finally finds it's way into the nucleus of an application locating whatever data is stored there.

Nexus Web Application Security provides:

Web Vulnerability Security Analysis

Internet Security Web Server Issues Including:

  • Web Server vulnerability
  • Enabled Threats by HTTP methods (e.g. PUT, DELETE, TRACE)
  • Web Server Technology verification & vulnerability; such as PHP file disclosures / possible code execution

Internet Security Parameter Manipulation Checks Including:

  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
  • File Tampering
  • SQL Injection
  • Directory Traversal
  • Script Source Code Disclosure
  • Arbitrary File Creation & Deletion
  • File Inclusion
  • Path Disclosure (Unix and Windows)
  • Email,Code,XPath,LDAP,CRLF Injection
  • MultiRequest Parameter Manipulation : Blind SQL/XPath Injection
  • Buffer Overflows
  • Cookie Manipulation
  • URL redirection
  • Input Validation
  • Remote XSL inclusion

Internet Security File Checking / File Uploads

  • Backup Files / Directories (Searches for Common Files - i.e. Application Traces / Logs / CVS repositories)
  • Script Errors
  • Cross-Site URI scripting
  • Unrestricted File Uploads

Internet Security Directory Checking

  • Finds Web Applications
  • Searches for Common Files - (i.e. Application Traces / Logs / CVS)
  • Exposed Directories & Sensitive Files
  • Exposed Directories having Weak Permissions
  • Exposes HTTP Verb Tampering
  • Locates Cross-Site Scripting (Path / PHPSESSID Session fixation)

Internet Security Text Searching

  • Directory Listing search
  • Source Code Disclosures
  • Common File Search
  • Email Addresses search
  • Microsoft Office Possible Sensitive Information search
  • Local Path Disclosures
  • Error Messages search
  • Search Trojan Shell Scripts (i.e. PHP shell scripts like r57shell, c99shell, & others)

Internet Security Weak Password Searching

  • HTTP Password weakness
  • Authentication attack search
  • FTP passwords weakness

Internet Security Network / Port Analysis Alerts

  • Locates any Open Ports on Servers
  • Displays a Port's Network Banner
  • Exposes Vulnerability of DNS Server
  • Open Zone Transfer
  • Open Recursion
  • Cache Poisoning
  • Searches for Proxy Server Configuration Issues
  • Searches for SNMP Community String Weakness
  • Locates Weak SSL Ciphers

Compliance Reports for WASC, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley & HIPAA

You will receive an Internet Security report based on industry standards.

Test your website's security today, with a Free Web Vulnerability analysis!

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