How to Hire Competent Professional Software Developers Now

Today, having high quality software is crucial to optimizing business operations and improving customer conversion and retention rates. If the software is not up to the task at hand, you might end up losing money.

Take CitiBank, for example. Its outdated legacy software and decidedly clumsy user interface caused the bank to accidentally send almost $900 million to creditors. The result of which ended up costing the bank $500 million.

A relatively small investment in upgrading their own banking software would have saved the company a fortune on this one transaction, not to mention the millions of dollars they would save regularly with increased efficiency, ease of use and the improved functionality that modernized software would provide. For these reasons, it’s worth considering hiring competent, professional software developers as a good investment. You’ll know you’ve found the right software developers if they have the following 5 traits:

Competent software developers are focused and disciplined

Ensure that the software developers you hire are not just experienced and talented, but they also have the work ethic needed to get the job done. After all, there’s no benefit in being highly skilled if they don’t have the focus and discipline to complete tasks.

Look for software developers that put the effort in to produce the best quality software possible. This includes adhering to best practices and established software development standards. As well as all the proper processes needed for quality control. Which is achieved by a deep focus on objective testing and static analysis. This creates software that is reliable, efficient and easily maintainable.

Competent software developers solve the right problem

Competent software developers take the time to discover and understand the root cause of the problem completely and put the effort into solving the right problem. They don’t waste time and resources solving problems that don’t exist or treating superficial symptoms of the problem. The questions to identify the root problem start with ‘why’ instead of ‘what’.

For example, we have a client who had long been “solving” a business issue on their own that was costing the organization over $200,000 a year. Without being able to clearly identify what the true business problem was, they could not create an effective strategy to solve it. The true business issue is commonly referred to as the root cause (the right problem), and without it, problem solving becomes a game of chance. By asking questions that clearly defined the problem and getting to the specific underlying issue (the root cause) of it, we were able to deliver an effective software solution that immediately saved the company more than $200,000 a year.

Competent professional software developers are always learning

Another thing you should look for in software developers is a thriving desire to learn. Technology is constantly evolving. New hardware, software features and functionality, based on improvements of the previous versions are being developed faster than ever.

By being aware of and proficient with new developments in technology, competent software developers can help to ensure that you get the most reliable, efficient and secure software possible.

Additionally, you may find developers who have certifications from professional organizations like the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), or tech giants like Intel and Microsoft.

By continually learning and practicing their craft, competent software developers build their skills to produce secure, robust, and reliable software designs and code, and the ability to understand and analyze business and technical requirements for software development.

Lastly, look for developers who like, or are at least are open to, attending conferences. Software development conferences can be a good place to learn about the latest innovations in their craft.

Competent software developers are adept at solving problems

Software development involves writing code to solve a particular problem. There are usually a number of ways to solve a problem. Competent software developers don’t just use any code that seems to get the job done. They thoughtfully craft a quality solution, considering all aspects of the problem.

Solving problems has two distinct components. The identification of the ‘right problem’ and the subsequent development of the appropriate solution.

Once the right problem is identified, the work begins to produce software that is the most effective at solving the problem in an efficient, reliable way. Software designed with the proper architecture functions better, is easier to maintain and integrate into your current operations.

The software architecture of a system is the set of structures needed to reason about the system, which comprise software elements, relations among them, and properties of both. ~ Software Engineering Institute

Proper software architecture comes from understanding the business domain, using the right algorithms and considering how the components will interact with each other and their environment.

Competent software developers understand the big picture

Finally, competent software developers understand how the software they create will help your company achieve its short and long-term goals. There are many so-called “software developers” that can try to piece together an application for you, if you wish, but only a few will understand why — in other words, the value the software would bring to your business.

Competent software developers are active listeners, which means they pay attention to detail and can design exactly the right software for your business, based on your specific requirements. Ultimately, they’ll enable you to get the most value out of the custom software developed for your business.

Custom software is personally made to solve your specific business problems. Because it addresses the root cause, it completely eliminates the problem, instead of just treating the symptoms. As a result, you’ll see increased efficiency and productivity throughout your company.


There is a vast difference between experienced, competent software developers and the quality of the software they produce, compared to software developers that have only been working for a few years or those that are not fully committed to their craft. Moreover, the cost of the software developed by competent developers is usually less (especially in the long term), because they know how to implement effective solutions quickly. The software you get is efficient, reliable, and does not require lots of bug fixing. That’s real value for your business.

By Honey Howard

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