As certified developers we can help you to dramatically enhance your payment processing capabilities, by upgrading your eCommerce website’s application to use’s new API (Application Programming Interface) features. The numbers below represent the average improvement to a client’s eCommerce website performance.

  • 220% Increase in conversion
  • 110% Increase in return customers
  • 50% Decrease in abandoned carts

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest challenges online merchants face. Having a customizable, branded, PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant payment system in place, that enables customers to experience a smooth, unencumbered checkout process is critical to your success online.

Online merchants, cited by Econsultancy as having exemplary checkouts, reports that improvements in the checkout experience ultimately contributed to a 50% decrease in cart abandonment.

By using’s API, you avoid losing customers at the final stage of their purchase by creating a less demanding checkout. has a flexible, secure, and easily integrated payment API

  • An efficient payment experience: Deliver a secure payment experience that is quick and easy for customers to complete.
  • Mobile-optimized design: Easily embed responsive payment forms for mobile devices.
  • Simplified PCI compliance: Securely transmit and store payment information on Authorize.Net servers to support PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards).
  • Integrated customer profiles: Track payments by customers across multiple payment methods.
  • Native iOS, Android, SDK support: Integrate payments into any application–including mobile applications–with native Software Development Kits (SDKs).
  • Digital wallets: Store customer payment information securely and improve payment experience for repeat customers. upgrade challenge

Many clients have recently contacted us about upgrading their website’s payment application in order to benefit from the enhanced functionality of the new API.

The new API replaces the following deprecated methods:

  • Customer Information Manager (CIM)
  • Advanced Integration Method (AIM)
  • Server Integration Method (SIM)
  • Direct Post Method (DPM)
API Method Status Solution
Advanced Integration Method (AIM) Deprecated Authorize.Net API
SOAP API Deprecated Authorize.Net API
Server Integration Method(SIM) Deprecated Accept Hosted
Direct Post Method (DPM) Deprecated Accept.js
Hosted Customer Information Manager (CIM) End of Life Accept Customer
HTTP GET End of Life Authorize.Net API
WebLink End of Life Accept Hosted

Deprecated - The API is now obsolete and in the process of being phased out. An alternative solution is suggested.

End of Life - The API is no longer supported and will return an error if used after specified date. Use the alternative solution.

Although legacy code may have worked well enough in the past, extensive development efforts at went into creating a much more powerful, greatly enhanced API with many new features, which required the API to be modified to enable this enhanced functionality. Because of this, old code used to access the API will no longer work. upgrade process:

First we examine what you have to work with, in terms of functionality and how it was implemented. Typically upgrading an application to be able to access and get the full benefits of using’s API is relatively easy. It is just a matter of creating functions to encapsulate existing form values in an XML or JSON payload and posting to the appropriate new API URL. In these cases a complete upgrade takes less than a day, including testing. upgrade results:

After upgrading your application to access’s new API features. Your application will be able to easily connect to the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway, which provides the infrastructure and security necessary to ensure fast, reliable, and secure transmission of your transaction data. You’ll have a greatly enhanced customer experience, by keeping your customers on your site with a customized, seamless checkout, as well as benefit from the enhanced functionality of the API. Resulting on average in a 220% increase in conversions and 50% decrease in abandoned carts.

In addition to providing a great checkout experience for your customers by enabling a friction-less checkout,’s API enables you to create and store customer payment and address data for subsequent use.

By Analyzing your stored customers' profiles you are better able to to match their preferences in the future.

You can analyze this payment data in order to gain insight into inefficiencies in your payment processing flow, as well as to gain an improved understanding of customer behavior on your website. This data can indicate checkout deterrents, which can be used to cater to customer preferences in the future.

Recognizing return customers provides a seamless and effortless checkout experience for returning users. When a return customer reaches the checkout and requests to pay, tokenization technology uses the token associated with the customer to recall the stored payment data from’s secure servers. This minimizes your risk and effort in securing the payment and ensures the functionality of the checkout without taking your customers out of their comfort zones – or your brand experience.

Another feature of’s Gateway is Advanced Fraud Management.
The Advanced Fraud Management Suite helps you to reduce costs by minimizing and preventing authorization and charge back fees as well as possible inventory loss resulting from fraudulent transactions.

You can use this feature of the Authorize.Net Gateway to access suspicious transactions and then approve or decline them. By identifying and understanding why transactions are being declined, you can pro-actively make changes to ensure better processing performance.

The Advanced Fraud Detection Suite filters are built directly into the platform and are included free with the payment gateway.’s configurable fraud filters focus on major categories which gives you the control to manage your payments your way. You get to decide what happens when a filter is triggered. The Fraud Filters include:

  • Velocity: Set daily and hourly limits on the number of transactions allowed to process through your account
  • Transaction: Automatically identifies suspicious transactions using criteria learned of years of experience, while validating customer card information with the card issuer
  • IP: Identifies excessive transactions from the same IP address and isolates suspicious activity from specific IP addresses, regions, or known fraudsters.
  • Shipping: Verify shipping addresses and compare the shipping address provided with an order to the IP address of where the order originated Suspicious Transaction Filter: Reviews highly suspicious transactions using proprietary criteria identified by Authorize.Net’s Fraud Management Team. Amount Filter: Sets an upper dollar amount threshold to restrict high-risk transactions.

For more than 20 years we have been developing custom eCommerce applications using the gateway and API. Powerful, performant, efficient applications written in a variety of programming languages, including classic ASP, ASP.NET (C#), C++, Java, Go and PHP.

When you’re ready, contact us to learn more about upgrading your eCommerce application