Import Volusion Ecommerce Store Products From Supplier

Import Volusion Ecommerce Store Products From Supplier

The client, who has physical TrueValue Hardware store, wanted us to help them import more than 100,000 products into their associated Volusion store and be able to update their products on a regular basis.

Software Development Challenge

TrueValue Hardware provides a data feed of their products for their affiliates, this data feed, which is in XML format, needed to be retrieved and parsed, then exported into a format suitable for import into Volusion via their API or direct upload function.

Software Development Strategy and solution

Within 2 weeks, Nexus Software Systems created an application, that on specific intervals, downloads and parses TrueValue’s data feed, and formats the results into CSV files suitable for import into Volusion’s system.

First the XML data feed file from TrueValue needed to be analyzed, then parsed, imported into MySQL and the data transformed into the appropriate content and fields for Volusion. This required about 50 operations, mostly MySQL update queries.


As a result of the application Nexus Software Systems created, the client now has more than 100,000 TrueValue products in their Volusion store, optimized for on-page SEO, with the appropriate titles and descriptions and is able to update their products regularly.

The same core functionality can now be easily applied to any of their others suppliers and other online shopping carts systems as well.

This new ability has provided them with a huge boost in search engine exposure, with 10 times the number of products their site previously had, and a massive increase in sales and revenue.