UPS Shipping Label Generator

UPS Shipping Label Generator

The client, who repairs automotive Engine Control Unit (ECUs), wanted to enable the dynamic printing of UPS shipping labels in order to improve the workflow of their system in terms of shipping out completed units.

Software Development Challenge

The development of a UPS shipping label generation application requires an extensive amount of testing as any application that accesses the UPS API in production mode needs to be certified by UPS. The UPS label application certification process involves submitting 29 separate files to show UPS that the XML requests, responses and generated images are accurate according to their specifications.

Software Development Strategy and solution

Nexus Software Systems, having previous experience designing and developing UPS shipping label generation software, was able to quickly (within two weeks) deliver a complete, efficient and effective UPS shipping label application written in Golang, that enables the client to easily post the required XML to UPS, receive accurate shipping costs and complete UPS shipping labels.


As a result of the collaboration, the client has increased the shipping time dramatically, saving them hours of manual labor every day and improving customer satisfaction.

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