Shopify Order Fulfillment API Shipping Tracking Number

Shopify Order Fulfillment API Integration

The Shopify order fulfillment API (Application Programming Interface) resource enables your application to manage order fulfillments. Including the ability to view, create, modify, or delete an order’s fulfillments. A fulfillment order represents a group of one or more items in an order that are to be fulfilled from the same location.

Shopify’s order fulfillment API is often used by applications that perform shipping-related actions, such as making tracking and delivery updates, or creating additional shipments as required for an order.

Each fulfillment supports a single tracking number.

The client, an automotive electronics service company, contacted Nexus Software Systems to integrate Shopify’s Order Fulfillment API with their order tracking software. To be able to dynamically update their order’s shipping information with tracking numbers on their Shopify store.

Shopify Order Fulfillment API : Software Development Challenge

The development of a private Shopify Order Fulfillment application that can interact with the Shopify API on behalf of a single store starts with enabling private app development and generating credentials from the Shopify admin. The appropriate Shopify Order Fulfillment API endpoint is determined and the order fulfillment payload is dynamically generated based on the Order ID, Shipping Carrier and Tracking number. The response of the API call is then parsed for the desired results.

Shopify Order Fulfillment API : Software Development Strategy and solution

Nexus Software Systems, having a lot of experience working with Shopify APIs, was able to quickly create the required functionality to deliver the desired results. We assessed the client’s specific requirements in terms of how their private Shopify application would integrate with their existing system. A sandboxed development application was created for testing the posting of updated shipping information the client’s order tracking software. Including the shipping carrier and tracking number to Shopify’s API and the API’s response was parsed. The successful update of shipping information was verified by viewing orders within the Shopify admin area.


As a result of the work done by Nexus Software Systems, the client is now able to easily update their Shopify store’s orders with tracking numbers. This helps to keep customers informed and happy knowing their order is on the way. Their private Shopify fulfillment app is seamlessly integrated with their order fulfillment software. Which makes it easy for them to update their Shopify order’s shipping information, saving them time, effort and money.

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