Custom Real Estate Software Development

Real Estate Software Development

The client contacted Nexus Software Systems to develop a desktop real estate property management application for resale and a website to market their software.

Software Development Challenge

The client, having knowledge of the property management industry, wanted us to develop an application that incorporated their unique ideas for the purpose of selling their own property management software.

The client had detailed specifications of how they would like their ideas to be implemented. Which made it very easy for us to provide exactly what they wanted.

A complete website, with ecommerce shopping cart functionality also needed to be developed, which demonstrates the property management software features and enables the site’s visitors to purchase software.

Real Estate Software Development Strategy and solution

Nexus Software Systems created a working software prototype or the property management application, based on the client’s specifications. Some new concepts and ways to improve the software, in terms of functionality and the user interface, were suggested to the client. Along with working examples and screen shots of how the could be implemented. These were greatly appreciated. After testing the new property management software functionality for a few days, the client, approved the suggestions, which were then implemented.


Within the first month of selling the custom property management software that Nexus Software System created for them, the client made all of their investment back and has been making significant income from the sales of the software for years. The client was so pleased with the results that they had us create three editions of the software.