eBay API Affiliate Software Development

eBay API Affiliate Software Development

The client, contacted Nexus Software Systems to help them develop an application that would be able to query and parse eBay’s API using the findItemsAdvanced method to enable their site’s visitors to easily be able to find auto parts based on their specific make and model of vehicle and auto part category.

Software Development Challenge

Accessing and utilizing eBay’s API effectively requires specific knowledge of the relevant API calls, the input parameters and the results returned, in order to parse and display the appropriate information. Challenges specific to this application also included the development of a vehicle make and model database and the development of a responsive, search engine optimized and well performing website that would enable visitors to get the results they were looking for.

Software Development Strategy and solution

Because Nexus Software Systems has a great deal of experience working with eBay’s API, an efficient, effective application was able to be developed quickly, within 2 weeks. A fully functional prototype application was created using eBay’s sandbox API endpoint. After the client tested out the functionality, they had some requests regarding the design, which were rapidly implemented.


As a result of the eBay API affiliate application Nexus Software Systems created, the client’s auto parts website now has access to eBay’s full range of items and they earn a substantial monthly commission from eBay as well as income from Adsense.

The client’s investment has already paid for itself many times over and will continue generate revenue for years to come.

The same functionality could easily be easily applied to any eBays other item categories to create a niche based affiliate website using eBay’s API.