Biometric Check Cashing Software

Biometric Check Cashing Software

The client wanted us to develop a desktop application for resale and website to market their software that would enable check cashing businesses to enroll and verify via a fingerprint reader, the identity of their patrons.

Software Development Challenge

Though many of our client’s customers had been offering check cashing services, they were relying on forgeable IDs, documents and inefficient paper-based tracking. They had little control of their exposure to check fraud making them susceptible to repeat fraud.

Software Development Strategy and solution

Nexus Software Systems delivered a complete application that interfaced at a low level with a finger print reader device that would be easy to use and accurately identify check cashing customers.

Once the check cashing software was installed, the client’s software merchants quickly realized how it empowered their clerks. They have the information right there on the screen (finger print match, picture of the customer, ID image, check cashing history) enabling them to make educated decisions on whether to cash individual checks. Once a customer is enrolled, and has cashed a check, their information is on file.

The client’s check cashing merchants have benefited from the reduced management oversight required for check cashing, allowing them to focus their time on core areas of their business.


As a result of the collaboration, the client decreased time to market to only three months and now has a very successful check cashing application that has enabled them to see significant return on their investment in less than two months.