Software Development Services Referral Program

Become a Nexus Software Systems Development Partner

If you’re a consultant or a marketing agency, your clients may need software development services, in addition to the services you provide. We understand your expertise may not be in software development. We’re ready to help you provide your clients with software tailored to their specific business needs.

Join our Referral Program for software development services and get rewarded for the leads you bring us.

Expand your business by providing software development services to your clients.

Cooperation procedure

We sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure your sensitive data is not disclosed. An Agent Agreement specifies our cooperation in terms of the Referral Program (including the commissions you get). You introduce your clients who need software design or custom application development. After analyzing their requirements, we can communicate the solution to you or your clients directly – saving you time and effort. When we win a project, we compensate your efforts (paying a percentage of the agreement) according to the conditions of our Referral Program.

Your involvement in the software project isn’t necessary, but you can participate, for example, as a consultant. We are interested in long-term cooperation and can provide software development and support to any customer you have. We respect your reputation and ensure that services will be delivered to end-users within time and budget. And we’ll provide you with all the information required to answer any questions your clients may have.

Over the past 38 years, we’ve been a trusted partner for agents in various industries including banking, retail, manufacturing, eCommerce, real estate, healthcare and telecoms. Which has resulted in new beneficial long-term business relationships for our partners and us. At Nexus Software Systems, we believe that doing business with partners is an effective way to provide value to clients.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

Solutions we can create for your clients:

Development of web, cloud, mobile, and desktop software solutions to address the unique complex needs or objectives of a business.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems

Helping companies enhance customer management, win new clients and improve productivity.

  • Data analytics

Cleansing and integrating data, providing analysis and visualization to get valuable business insights.

  • Database application development

Addressing specific business challenges with a custom database solution that will keep data clean, organized, secure, and easily accessible for authorized users from multiple devices.

  • Document management systems

Enabling secure document sharing, automated document processing, classification, indexing, intelligent search and data discovery.

Enhancing the potential of eCommerce applications to ensure efficient inventory management, analytics, order management, shipping, payment processing and more.

  • Mobile apps

Developing native and cross-platform apps for customers and employees in banking, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, professional services and more.

  • Intranets

Harnessing the potential of networked applications to improve company communication and optimize workflows with easy-to-use collaboration tools.

  • Internet of things (IoT)

Assisting organizations with smart connected products, smart maintenance, industrial IoT, smart logistics, transportation, smart cities and more. We’ve worked out our approach to IoT architecture to ensure business-boosting performance of the IoT solutions we deliver.

  • Portals

Helping companies build efficient e-cooperation with their customers and partners.

Developing web sites and applications for the Internet. Web development can range from developing simple landing pages to complete Internet applications.

How we work

  1. Software development consulting

We start with solution consulting to help your clients get a clear vision of the solution they want to implement. We can provide strategic advise to companies on how to improve their system.

  1. Implementation

In addition to developing software, we’re ready to assist your clients with integration, data migration and other related processes to ensure that a software solution integrates into company workflows and contributes to business value.

  1. Software support

We provide thorough support of the software solutions, including: adding new functionality, ensuring better integration, performance and usability.

Why Partner with Nexus Software Systems

  • 38 years of experience in software development for banking, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, telecom and other industries (12,000+ completed projects).

  • Large talent pool with a wide range of skills (specialists in system software, eCommerce, API design, application development, integration, business analysis and more).

  • Dedication to software quality and your client’s success.

  • Fair, guaranteed and transparent commissions.

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