Easy Authorize.net Accept Hosted Configuration

showReceipt enables or disables the default receipt page after the transaction. When showReceipt is false, you must provide a return URL in the url parameter. If there is no return URL, the receipt page is displayed by default.
You need to add Authorize.Net's electronic check (echeck) solution to your payment gateway to enable bank account fields on the payment form.
  Used to enable or disable CAPTCHA security on the payment form.
addPaymentProfile enables your customer to add a new form of payment to their customer profile. Applies when a customerProfileId has been sent with the form token request.
Used to enable or disable the display of merchantName on the hosted receipt page. Defaults to true. Use merchantName to define how the merchant name appears on the receipt. If the showReceipt parameter element above is set to false, do not set merchantName.
This is the URL of a page that can communicate with the your site using JavaScript. Required for iframe or lightbox applications. Responses for successful transactions are returned through this mechanism. You must host the file on the same domain as the page in which you embed the iframe popup window, and you must use HTTPS to encrypt the data sent to the iframe communicator URL.